Committee Members

President - Andrea Goddard

Vice President - Kaye Platt

Treasurer - Mandy Hissey 

Secretary - Chelsea Brown

Social Media updater - Chelsea Brown

Grant writer/ Sponsor getter person - Trish Kwong

Canteen Manager - Sue Brandon-Brown

Canteen Assistants - Karen Charles

Jump Judge - Kaye Platt

Course Designers - Rodney Angel, Timmothy Girdler

Membership Applications - Jan Macpherson

Course Supervisors - Myra Burns, Karen Charles

Lots of everything - Viv McClean

Webmaster - Joe Anderson

Andrea Goddard
Andrea has been on the SSJC Committee for more than 10 years and President since 2014. Although she does not jump myself, she enjoys watching the talents of both the riders and their well trained horses over some enormous heights.
Watching the club grow and succeed has to be the highlight of being the President and being involved with such a great committee who run great shows and give their utmost support.
Andrea is also involved in eventing on a secretarial level and has been involved with many events throughout the state over the years.  She has been and still is secretary of the Australian International 3 Day Event since 2005. It all keeps Andrea pretty busy.

Kaye Platt
Kaye is a founding member of the club, from its inception as the South Australian Show Jumping Club (Southern Branch) in 1962 and a Committee Member, officiating as Secretary, on and off, for most of that time.  Kaye was a successful A & B Grade Showjumping competitor for many years & has since transitioned to Dressage, thus keeping a close interest in the sport.

Jan Macpherson
Jan is a Kiwi, a country girl who jumped all the fences round the farm in New Zealand.  She travelled the world, worked in England and America with horses, had kids and the pusher was loaded in the float with the horse, once used to event round novice level, now just low grade events.  Horses are still a big part of her life, she works as an event manger and giddyup.

Rodney Angel
Rodneys father Colin was in the 9th 23rd Light Horse at the start of World War 2, his mum Ellen used to ride a pony to school & so horses are in his blood. In 1962 he rode Nugget alongside his sister & brother to the school corner which was a 2 mile ride.  They had an old 1930’s harvester that his dad made into a shelter where they kept the feed & yards for their dearly loved transport to school & then to be their Pony Club mounts. 

Rodney was in Pony Club from 1962 up until 1977 winning the State PC ODE Championships in 1977, he still has his P.C. jumper framed with badges from 1963 to 1977 on it.  In 1974 he turned Senior & Gawler 3DE was his first competition, coming 4th in the 2** class.  He then won three 3DE`s from 1977 to 1982 on three different horses, and placed 2nd 4th & 5th in eleven 3DE`s as well, all inclusive.  In 1982 & 83 with his horse Delaware he won back to back South Australian Showjumping Championships, also being placed in those titles before & after on several occasions.

In 2000 Rod pulled the "pin" & decided to become a Showjumping Course Designer, Oops I meant "rail slave".  Rod has noted in a book every placing that he has received from 1966 to the present time (2010).  From 2000 he has kept a record of every event that he has built a Showjumping Course at, & he loves building Showjumping tracks, especially when he gets his “First Clear Round".                                                                             

Chelsea Brown

Alison Spencer

Trisha Kwong

Kurt Sivior

Lara Jones

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