Strathalbyn Show Jumping Club

The Strathalbyn Show Jumping Club Inc. can trace its history back to the early 1960's when the Strathalbyn Polo Club (1952) went into recess and the remaining members decided to try the fledgling sport of Show Jumping.  These early members were already involved with the South Australian Show Jumping Club and formed the SASJC (Southern Branch) Inc, based at the Strathalbyn Recreation Grounds.  Over the next thirty years the club worked tirelessly to change the Grounds from a bare paddock to the magnificent grounds that you see today.  The SASJC (Southern Branch) transitioned to the Strathalbyn Show Jumping Club Inc. in the early 1980's.All was going well, the Show Jumping Club welcomed the Pony Club, the Hills Dressage Club and the newly formed Polo Club to share the Grounds, but then in 1994 the dark forces appeared and threatened the very existence of the Show Jumping Club & the Grounds.  The Club was plunged into six years of acrimony and tried to negotiate and bargain a way to a peaceful settlement.  However, this was pointless and the Club was forced to seek a legal solution, mounting a Supreme Court challenge to determine the security of the Strathalbyn grounds.  The Club was entirely successful, although it cost us dearly; the Grounds are now safely entrusted as a recreational area.

The Club had already chosen to step back as sole operator of the Grounds and the Strathalbyn Polo and Recreation Grounds Management Committee Inc. was formed from representatives of the Show Jumping Club, Polo Club, Pony Club, Dressage Club and the Soccer Club.  The Committee is now the operator of the Grounds, thus freeing-up the resources of the Show Jumping Club to concentrate on the core business activities of promoting and facilitating Show Jumping.
Please enjoy the facilities and help us to grow and prosper as a successful and vibrant Show Jumping Club.

*The above history was been supplied by Stuart Platt.  It should be acknowledged that Kaye Platt, Stuart Platt & Jim Dunn have all served on the Show Jumping Club Committee for a combined total of over 100 plus years, Stuart retiring from his position as Treasurer in late 2009, Kaye is still serving and Jim sadly passed away November 2013.  Without their dedication, tenacity & hard work, especially in the face of adversity, their love of show jumping helped make the Strathalbyn Show Jumping Club what it is today.*

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